Little Lemur Laughing


From dogs to conkers, there is a rich yet accessible diet of subjects within those considered in Little Lemur Laughing. Joshua Seigal offers such variety, yet his confident poetry invites readers to enjoy, know and share his works.

There is a range of forms from rhyme to shape poems included within this collection. Each poem merits being heard aloud and thereafter an opportunity to be ‘discovered’.

Bookwagon recommends Little Lemur Laughing, like other works curated and written by Joshua Seigal, including I Don’t Like Poetry, should be shared together and aloud.

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Little Lemur Laughing

Joshua Seigal


Little Lemur Laughing contemplates sticker collecting, to the impact of a healthy brontosaurus stomp! Thereafter Joshua Seigal’s poetry explores conkers and other considerations within the realms of childhood. Somehow, through taking his eye and ear to this level the poet offers poems that are accessible and particularly enjoyable. They are to be shared, laughed over, repeated, enjoyed and performed.
Repeated sharing also offers the opportunity to build a poetry repertoire. Thereafter, it invites readers to enjoy the shapes and sounds and forms which are varied and confident. Little Lemur Laughing, like I Bet I Can Make You Laugh is a rich dessert tray of poems, ideal for enjoying in class and shared reading sessions.


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