Little Liar


Little Liar‘ is how Nora refers to herself. She has crafted lies for as long as she can remember. Nora has taken control of the truth, from her father’s disappearance, to a nursery school picture, to the attentions of the school’s art assistant. Within a cocoon of safe conspiracy, Nora is able to manipulate truths for her mother too. Nora is reeling from the creation of her biggest lie. Or is this lie, are all Nora’s lies, really untruths? Is Nora the only one who is actually deceived?

Little Liar‘ is a convincing, compulsive novel, beautifully realised. We recommend ‘Little Liar‘ highly to all our older readers.


Little Liar

Julia Gray

(Andersen Press)

Little Liar‘, inconspicuous, clever, Nora crafts her life meticulously. Nora plots revenge, creates truths and nurtures friendships for their rewards. Yet, what is a lie and what is truth? ‘Little Liar‘ is a subtle, provocative, intelligent novel, recommended for older readers.


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