Little Light


Roxy moved onto a different secondary school from Ava. She’s left to face Spencer’s Wood Academy alone. However she’s been facing the taunters through the summer. They’ve marked her out as, aware that she and her mother and the twins live in a hotel shelter. What’s more when they see her with Tracker, it’s ‘Ava’s got a dog friend‘…. Yet Tracker seems to be the only sanctuary in a bitter, angry world.

Could it be that it might all spiral out of control so much that Ava takes matters into her own hands? Is it possible she could find her own shelter, away from Mum’s anger, the twins’ crying, Dad’s absence and then school’s hostility? At least there’d be Tracker…

Ava seeks a Little Light. Is it possible that she might find a Precious new friend at Spencer’s Wood? Might Nana offer some release from all the hurt and fear that Ava feels? Then is there time and possibility for Mum and the twins and a new life ahead? Can Ava find hope through her obstacles? It is a lot to ask…

We journey with Ava, feeling such connection, while longing for her happiness and safety. Coral Rumble seems to get right into Ava’s skin, so that we feel the love with Tracker and the ache she feels at the absence of Roxy, and then her father. The verse prose is so perfectly formed, descriptive, emotive and progressive; this is a masterclass in storytelling. Bookwagon urges readers to seek Little Light.  

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Little Light

Coral Rumble


Ava is hiding, something that her mother commends her upon. However there is nobody to cheer her on beneath the tarpaulin, only the sounds of feet and jeers and the thud of her pounding heart. Is it possible that she might find a Little Light in her life?
The hotel where she lives is ‘not a home/ with lots of space‘ to grow. Rather it’s somewhere with crying twins and Mum shouting that ‘everything’s ruined again‘. Might it be that Mr Amir’s shop will provide solace? Maybe even some jellybeans- ‘Shh! Don’t tell’
Although Dad loves Ava in his ‘own way’, it is not enough to save the situation. What can Anna do to make things better? At home and then at school, she is wired with anxiety. It seems that school, the new big school, Spencer’s Wood Academy is full of ‘them’ the tormentors joining her from Park Close Primary. To them, Ava is, worthy to taunt over ‘free sugar sachets’ because of her residence in a homeless hotel shelter
Coral Rumble invites us to join Ava’s world of hostility, fear and lack of sanctuary. What Ava gives to the ‘little brown dog‘ and receives in return, is what she longs for. Is there anywhere that might be home for her, and then Mum and the twins? Can Ava find Roxy, or another Precious friend? Is there anyone else, maybe Nana…
Kate Milner’s It’s a No-Money Day and then titles such as The Cooking Club Detectives face the reality of many children in the United Kingdom. Yet Coral Rumble takes the situation head on through a prose verse. It means that we feel what Ava feels but more as we’re also spectators. Little Light is an exceptional title that we recommend highly. Its empathy and awareness are heightened, sensitive and authentic.


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