Little One


Big Bear emerges from her winter den scenting the air. Alongside her is Little Bear. They have much to teach and learn as the Spring season blends into the summer, from fishing to berry picking, from playing gently to swimming in the ‘cool, forest lake.’ As the summer season hints at the autumn, they look over their experiences and their landscape, and begin their retreat.

Jo Weaver’s beautiful pencil sketched illustrations suggest the tenderness between bear and cub, the breadth of the season and the landscape, and the fragility of both. We love this book. We recommend it to all readers, especially parents, and picture book lovers of all ages.

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Little One

Jo Weaver

(Hodder Children’s Books)

It’s Spring and Big Bear emerges from her den with Little Bear, ‘Little One‘. There is much for Little Bear to learn about in the wonders of the new season. This beautiful pencil sketch toned book is recommended to all ages, especially picture book aficionados, and parents.


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