Here Comes the Sun


Over mountains and deserts Little Owl soars. She flies over snoozing Whale and Penguin, past mountain goats, tigers and bears. At each turn she ‘huffs and puffs and blows‘. ‘She blows the stars out one by one./But Little Owl’s work has just begun.’

Little Owl has a time consideration. She must chase every star, extinguishing them before the first rays of sunshine. Will she manage it? Can she capture every star?

Young readers track her journey with undulating, rhyming text and broad stroke pictures that entrance. ‘Here Comes the Sun’ is a tucked-in delight.

Bookwagon is delighted to welcome such a beautiful title aboard our consignment of books for our very youngest readers.


Here Comes the Sun

Karl Newson and Migy Blanco

(Nosy Crow)

‘Mouse is snoozing, Squirrel, too/ But Little Owl has work to do’ before it’s time for Here Comes the Sun. Little Owl spreads her wings and ‘flies up past the moon’ over the nighttime sleeping fields toward the plains where Giraffe and Elephant sleep. Little Owl ‘huffs and puffs and blows‘ each star out, one by one.
Little Owl flies on, over Bear sleeping in his cave and Tiger on his mountain edge. At each turn she blows every star out for the night.
We trace Little Owl’s extraordinary journey from field to ocean, mountain and desert, racing to silence the stars ahead of the dawn. Bookwagon favourite Karl Newson (I Am a Tiger) rhymes and soars with the nighttime currents. Migy Blanco’s bold, warm pictures entrance. It seems like Goodnight Everyone the practices of this book might be enjoyed in a nighttime routine.
Here Comes the Sun is a charming, entrancing bedtime story, certain to become a favourite, read, remembered and cherished.


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