Little Rabbit’s Big Surprise


Big Rabbit doesn’t do very much according to Little Rabbit. She’d prefer to be in the sunshine with Little Mole and Little Hedgehog. However, they’re helping Big Hedgehog collect slugs and worms for tea! Little Rabbit is stuck with being Big Rabbit’s assistant. Thus begins ‘Little Rabbit’s Big Surprise‘.

Big Rabbit does rather more than spend all day with his friends! As Little Rabbit follows her grandfather on his call route, she watches and learns. She begins to make suggestions. Her thoughts go beyond carrots and shiny paper and kites.

‘Little Rabbit’s Big Surprise‘ is a charming, sincere and very satisfying book. It is an ideal gift book for a newer readers, one likely to be treasured and bedtimes, a ‘forever’ selection.

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Little Rabbit’s Big Surprise

Swapna Haddow & Alison Friend

(Stripes)- hardback

‘Little Rabbit’s Big Surprise‘ begins on a day in which she feels a little out of sorts. Only Big Rabbit is about to play with. What can he do? He spends all day with his friends! As Little Rabbit follows Big Rabbit, her eyes are opened! What does she learn? How might she help Big Rabbit?


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