Little Red Reading Hood


It’s time for ‘Little Red Reading Hood’ to return her library book. Mother warns her to stay on the path. Yet reading is so tempting, and wolves are so tricky. What would you do if a Wolf suggested you’d time to read for a little longer? When you arrive at the library Mrs Jones might look a little different. Her ears could be hairy, and she may smell terrible! What is going on? Could reading help Little Red rescue Mrs Jones and foil Wolf’s crafty plan?

Lucy Rowland’s rhymes are tight, intelligent and enjoyable. Her story is captivating. We travel the route with Little Red and enjoy her journey, resilience and reading devotion. Ben Mantle illustrates the story with warmth and humour. ‘Little Red Reading Hood’ is a really satisfying story, with lots of humour and a keen, winning message.

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Little Red Reading Hood

Lucy Rowland & Ben Mantle


‘Little Red Reading Hood‘ is on her way to the library. It is time to return her book. Wolf steps into her path and suggests she needs a little more reading time. Who could resist this? Yet, Wolf has a crafty plan! Can Little Red and Mrs Jones, the librarian outwit Wolf? Join a rollicking, rhyming, reading journey!


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