Little Tigers


‘Little Tigers’ suggest beneath a waterfall, or positioned on a high tree, might be the places of safety for their family. The jungle is threatened by men and dogs. Mother Tiger seeks refuge for her family.

Can they find somewhere that suits their needs? It must be warm and dry. They need somewhere on the ground. Their journey is long and dangerous and they grow weary. Where can Mother and ‘Little Tigers‘ find a safe home?

Jo Weaver’s animal populated picture books, Little One and Little Whale consider how human progress threatens big creatures. Jo Weaver reminds us that family relationships and essential needs are the same for all animals, including humans. ‘Little Tigers’ is an empathetic, wise, rich picture book.


Little Tigers

Jo Weaver

(Hodder Children’s Books)

Where can Mother Tiger find that will be safe for her, and her ‘Little Tigers’? Puli has a suggestion from the monkeys, Sera one from the frogs. Yet tigers need to find somewhere warm and dry and on the ground. Will Mother Tiger find somewhere just right for her cub, out of harm’s way?


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