Little Whale


‘We’re going on a long journey, Little Whale,’ said her mother, ‘we’re going home.’ Little Whale doesn’t understand the concept of ‘home’. Through great underwater forests, coral reefs, midnight skies, dancing seas and many, many wearying miles she follows her mother Gray Whale.

Jo Weaver’s careful lyrical text is descriptive, somehow highlighting the rich wonder of her midnight ink hued pictures. This is a ‘forever’ book, a hold-tight book, one to treasure and to share with someone you love. ‘Little Whale‘ is a precious book that we are proud to recommend to our readers.

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Little Whale

Jo Weaver

(Hodder Children’s Books)

‘What’s home?’ wonders ‘Little Whale‘. ‘Maybe this is it’. Through deep and dark oceans and under shimmering skies, beyond the dangers of orca, ‘Little Whale‘ is guided by her mother all the way home. This is a monumental, bountiful tale of love, warmth and family recommended to Bookwagon readers.


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