Lizzy the Lamb


It seems Lizzy the Lamb enjoys an active life on the farm. Not only does she enjoy being splashed by the geese, but her bounding feels as though she can reach the sky! What’s more she loves chasing the bunnies, although there’s little chance of her ever catching them as they can hop so quickly.

Yet, ‘at the end of the day’ Lizzy is at her happiest. not only is it time to rest but she’s in the company of her farmyard friends. It feels as though this is the time to reflect on another satisfying day’s gambolling about.

Axel Scheffler offers encouraging rhyming couplets, complete with animal sounds, that demand to be joined in with. Furthermore, his pictures are bright and full of character. We watch the startled ducks and scattering rabbits and the older, more bemused sheep reacting to Lizzy’s antics. Then again, this title offers further participation opportunities for our youngest readers, with levers, tabs and pulleys to twist, tug and turn.

Lizzy the Lamb is an assured title, ideal for very young readers. Bookwagon recommends this title, alongside others within its flock.

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Lizzy the Lamb

Axel Scheffler

(Campbell Books)- board book

Lizzy the Lamb leads such a happy life! Not only does she enjoying jumping ‘as far as she can’, but she ‘dries down her fleece’ after playing with the geese.
What’s more, this small sheep ‘chases the bunnies’. Although Lizzy’s destined to  come last, she can hop ‘very well‘. We watch the startled animals bounce out of her way, rather as the geese splash and older sheep are bemused by her antics!
However, it seems that Lizzy’s happiest ‘at the end of the day’ when she settles down with her farmyard friends. We recognise a few from this title including Portly Pig and Cuddly Cow.
Not only are we offered a reassuring, warm and bright setting and characterisation from Lizzy the Lamb, but there are tabs and levers too. These demand to be pulled and twisted as the story is shared, rhymes recalled and actions predicted.
Axel Scheffler is a sound source of endearing, appealing books for new readers and this edition follows the rule. The rhyming couplets encourage participation, while the illustrations and tabs and levers demand to be activated. Thereafter, Bookwagon recommends this splendid addition to a menagerie of books for our youngest readers.


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