For as long as she can remember, Lucy has listened to her Grandpa’s stories about Lob. He’s a mysterious green man who lives in Grandpa’s garden. You have to be very special to see him; that’s what Grandpa says. Lucy’s parents think Lob’s just imaginary, but she is convinced he exists.

When Lucy experiences a family tragedy, Lob seems to disappear as well. What will she ever see him again? Linda Newbery, and the wonderful illustrations by Pam Smy conjur up a real green man out of the woods and stories of legend.



Linda Newbery, illustrated by Pam Smy

(Jonathan Cape)

Lucy loves to help her Granddad in his garden, but he has another helper, one that only he and Lucy can see.  Is the mysterious Lob a Green Man from old English folktales, or does he exist in Lucy’s imagination?  This is a beautiful, heartwarming tale of love, loss and magic.


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