Lola and Larch: Fix a Fairy Forest


Larch is often in trouble with the other fairies for her exuberance and curiosity. That’s why she’s on the forest edges, collecting herself, dodging rain, when she alights upon Euphorbia Spurge, legendary bad fairy. However, wasn’t she expelled? An evil of the past? Or might she have returned with a new purpose? Then again, could it be something to do with Larch herself?

In dodging rain and the bad fairy, Larch transforms into a dazzling white rabbit that streaks into the oncoming car in which Lola and her mother and little brother are travelling. Lola’s mother is quick to check out the rabbit, while Lola’s overjoyed. Isn’t a rabbit what she’s longed for? However, there’s something different about this rabbit beginning with the rainbow pendant hanging around her neck. Who is she? Then again, why does she need Lola’s help to ward off an evil fairy and then warn the other forest fairies of the return of an evil presence?

Lola and Larch: Fix a Fairy Forest is a story of courage, friendship and magic. Bookwagon is delighted to welcome this splendid introduction to a much awaited series from award-winning writer, Sinéad O’Hart and illustrator Rachel Seago.

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Lola and Larch: Fix a Fairy Forest

Sinéad O’Hart, illustrated by Rachel Seago

(Nosy Crow)

Lola’s returning late from Grandma’s house when a flashing white light dashes in front of Mum’s car. It’s an animal. What’s more, it seems to be a rabbit, an animal Lola’s longed to have as a pet. Then again, there’s something special about this rabbit beyond the way her fur seems to shimmer. In fact, she wears a rainbow drop pendant. Who is this rabbit?
In fact, Larch’s the rabbit and she’s wandered from her mushroom circle home only to realise that Euphorbia Spurge is in pursuit. What is she doing here? Unfortunately before she can warn the other fairies like her, Larch’s drenched by the thunderstorm and forced to transform as a rabbit. What does she want?
Sinéad O’Hart delights middle grade readers with such tremendous stories as The Silver Road. However, here, in collaboration with illustrator Rachel Seago, we’ve a rich and wonderful adventure of evil fairies and fierce adventure. Can a friendship, a bond of trust, form between the girl and the ‘rabbit’. Then again, is it possible that Lola and Larch: Fix a Fairy Forest? It seems that Euphorbia Spurge is on the hunt for Larch’s magic. However, Larch’s seeking to return to warn her family and then rid the woods of this evil presence. Can this troublesome little ‘rabbit’ actually have much more about her than she realises? Bookwagon loves and recommends Lola and Larch: Fix a Fairy Forest.


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