Lola Saves the Show


The show’s about to begin. Oliver’s ready to help his best friend, Lola, move into the spotlight. However Lola knows there’s something not quite right. She’s missing the Very Important Handkerchief. Without that handkerchief the show will sink! Therefore, it’s up to Lola to save the show, but where to look?

We travel with Lola at top speed through the backstage theatre, abandoning The Person Who Gives Her Carrots and passing through the Place Where People Chat. Thereafter, it’s avoiding the distraction of the Stupendous Space of Delicious Dresses, and bouncing through the Room of Fluffy Stuff and Powder Puffs. However, the handkerchief isn’t spotted along the way, so it needs Lola to dart ‘through the Hall with Pointy Pokey Things‘, to the ‘Place People Prance’ and thereafter to ‘the Spot of Silly Sounds‘ and ‘the Flash and Bang Box’. Will Lola make her mark in time, and then fully equipped? Will she find the handkerchief? Might she receive her flowers of congratulations?

Bookwagon loves Lola Saves the Show. Not only does this wonderful  picture book inform us about the production of a show, coursing backstage at the National Theatre, but we’ve a rollicking chase too! Guilherme Karsten’s pictures are bright, animated, wonderful sequenced so that we feel as though we’re travelling. Then again, there’s such fun in Katherine Halligan’s text, too!

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Lola Saves the Show

National Theatre

Katherine Halligan, illustrated by Guilherme Karsten

(Walker Books)

‘Programmes rustle. The play is about to begin!‘ However, what is it like backstage? Could it be that in her desperate search for  the ‘Very Important Handkerchief’, Lola’s our guide? It seems this search is keen and far-reaching. In fact, we travel along with this starry goat, followed by loyal friend, Oliver. Thereafter, we pass through The Place Where People Chat to the Stupendous Space of Delicious Dresses. It seems this is a tempting place for this little goat for there’s a luscious red gown, just lingering…
Then again, what about the Room of Fluffy Stuff and Powdery Stuff where the Lady with the Big Wigs is very startled! Is it possible that with this huge effort to find the handkerchief that Lola Saves the Show?
Bookwagon loves this tour of the National Theatre  which is a perfect introduction ahead of its publication,  All About Theatre. Then again, we’re intrigued by Lola’s dedication and the show itself. Bookwagon wonders at Lola’s show. In fact, we search for clues amongst the company of characters, from Egyptians to astronauts, Merrie Men to Elvis! Then again, where is the ‘Very Important Handkerchief’ after all?
Bookwagon loves Lola Saves the Show. We recommend this book for sharing, referencing and lingering over and loving.


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