Look Up!

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Rocket’s telescope scans the night sky above the stars. She dreams of following in the footsteps of Mae Jemison, ‘the first African-American in space‘. For now, her ambition is to share the news that The Phoenix Meteor Shower will be soon be overhead. Rocket invites her family and neighbourhood to Look Up! with her into the night sky at the local park. Although her older brother Jamal is glued to his phone, while everyone appears attached to devices and shopping lists, Rocket is indefatigable.

Will she assemble a group? Thereafter, will the group see the promised comet in the night sky?

Alongside a motivating message about the wonders of space, Nathan Bryon reminds us of a world of possibilities and aspiration. Furthermore, Dapo Adeola’s pictures are so positive, inclusive, bright and exciting, that we are drawn to join the group in the park. We are hopeful that when we Look Up! we will see what Rocket sees and feel her wonder too.

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Look Up!

Nathan Bryon, illustrated by Dapo Adeola


Look Up! Your head may be ‘floating in the clouds’ but isn’t it better to dream about being ‘the greatest astronaut, star-catcher, space traveller who has ever lived‘ than have your head in a screen? Rocket dreams of her future, although for now, she’s focused on seeing ‘something incredible’! It’s The Phoenix Meteor Shower! She reads and shares her information about meteor showers such as the fact that these are trails of dust left by comets in which the Earth moves. It seems like the world is impervious to Rocket’s facts about meteors, such as their size, what they’re doing and the best time to see them. So Rocket decides to take action…
Will the world take notice of Rocket’s invitation to ‘come out and witness The Amazing Phoenix Meteor Shower’? It seems as though Rocket’s big brother is so embarrassed, that he’s unlikely to join her viewing at the park. However, things are not always what they seem. What’s more it seems like Jamal and Rocket are not alone for her message has spread through the community. Thereafter, Rocket’s neck is aching from ‘staring up into the night sky’. Furthermore, the park spectators begin spotting movement in the night sky. Could it be? Will it happen?
What a heartwarming, informative, warm picture book! Although Look Up’ has a message about the diversions of our everyday life, it is also full of vitality, relationships, hope and information. Rocket is a joy to encounter with such enthusiasm and hope. Bookwagon loves this picture book!

1 review for Look Up!

  1. Paula Hale

    Rocket has fast become one of my favourite book characters ever (badges, stickers and prints are displayed all over our home). This is in no doubt due to Dapo Adeola’s fabulous illustrations. He and Nathan Bryon have produced a wonderful series here and I am so glad there are more to come.

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