Looking After Daddy


Looking After Daddy‘ requires full attention and lots of stamina. From getting him up, to feeding and exercising him, checking he’s safe, to letting him take forty winks, ‘Looking after Daddy‘ is exhausting. William could be anything he wants to be, from detective to astronaut to… feedback and encouragement are necessary!

Families will love this truly heart-warming and special picture book. Eve Coy has created a ‘forever’ story that deserves plaudits and a wide and loving readership. We love the images, the confidential text and the tender message in ‘Looking After Daddy. Isn’t that Daddy loved? Don’t we love him too?

Nominated for the Klaus Flugge Prize for illustration


Looking After Daddy

Eve Coy

(Andersen Press)

Looking after Daddy is a full-time and thoroughly demanding pursuit, especially when you’re his Mummy for a day! There’s getting him up, for ‘William likes to get up early’. Then, there’s dancing and singing. You have to make his breakfast, ensure he is exercised-  for ‘William is full of energy’! All of this attention is exhausting! You may need to ‘take a little rest‘, or is that William?  William needs encouragement, ‘a little love’ and a reminder that ‘he could do anything when he grows up.
Eve Coy confirms the warmth of a loving family home. There is something familiar, nurturing and empathetic in her beautiful story and pictures. Furthermore, this is a perfect extension from her beautiful bedtime collaboration with Abie Longstaff, Who’s Going to Bed? Thereafter, it is a recognition of place, family and love like Jane Porter’s The Boy Who Loved Everyone and Around the Table that Grandad Built. While such stories emphasise certainty and love and place, Look after Daddy offers a humorous twist. Additionally, this is as much of a bonus to the reader, as it is to child in the relationship.
Bookwagon is delighted to share this beautiful picture book with our readers.


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