Looking at the Stars


Amina is different from her older sister Jenna. Jenna wants safe obscurity; she doesn’t question or ruffle feathers. Jenna weaves beautiful baskets from the reeds the girls collect, that are admired and support the family’s meagre income. Jenna has the face and attitude that suggest she will make a good marriage.
Amina craves truth and opportunity. She longs to return to school. She watches the role of her brother, Ruman swell with importance, while she and her sisters retreat into the place their dictator bound society determines.
Only Amina’s imagination cannot be contained. While her family see it as a threat, when war arrives, and the dictatorship forces the family apart, Amina’s stories offer the only hope to her shattered family and friends.
Jo Cotterill took years to complete this stirring story that represents oppression, loss and the refugee crisis for all victims.
The story begins gently, and we travel lightly with Amina’s woes, but the journey, and our reading experience are brutal and real.
Jo Cotterill is an empathetic and insightful writer and ‘Looking at the Stars’ a very special book that absorbs its readers.


Looking at the Stars

Jo Cotterill


‘Looking at the the Stars‘ is a subtle, stirring story of war, oppression and fear. We travel Amina and Jenna’s journey. Jo Cotterill crafts their story painstakingly and meaningfully. We question, wonder and feel. Bookwagon recommends ‘Looking at the Stars‘ to committed, enquiring readers.


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