Looking Up


When Galileo heard about the development of ‘a tube with lenses that made faraway things appear closer’ he was able to create the first telescope. With his invention he could see the craters of the Moon, the moons of Jupiter and offered his controversial theory that the planets circuit the Sun.

From that point, however, telescopes have opened the heavens and offered more possibilities.

Looking Up charts the questions and discoveries, alongside explaining the science behind each. Furthermore, this superb title takes up to the major observatories around the world, sharing what their history and gaze. Those telescopes that operate around our planet and out into space appear, too.

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Looking Up

An Illustrated Guide to Telescopes

Jacob Kramer & Stephenie Scholz

(Flying Eye Books)- hardback

Humans have been Looking Up into the heavens for eternity it seems. We have wondered at the stars, the solar system and what lies beyond us. Yet while our eyesight enables us to see a lot, it has taken the development of telescopes ‘to see far away things’ and thereafter ‘to look back in time and understand how the universe formed’.
When Galileo created the first telescope 450 years ago, he opened the heavens. Through using a tube with lenses ‘that made faraway things appear closer’, he saw things 33 times closer. Thereafter we began to discover and enquire further. Furthermore, Sir Isaac Newton’s reflecting telescope gathered and focused the light of the great beyond.
Looking Up charts the discoveries made through the development and use of  telescopes alongside introducing readers to some of the great telescopes around the world, from Arecibo Radio in Puerto Rico, to the Keck Observatory in Hawaii. Continuing enquiries including black holes and the work of the Hubble space telescope is explained.
We realise the work of scientists such as Marie Curie and Her Daughters alongside explanations as made in The Speed of Starlight: How Physics, Light and Sound Work. Looking Up is a thorough, fascinating and informative non-fiction picture book.



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