Lori and Max


Max is prepared for another move. She predicts when she and her mother will be moved on following another of her father’s bad deals. New schools, new people do not faze her. As long as she has her book and her lucky snake charm, Max will be all right. Her father promises the moon, including birthday parties, but Max has learned the truth.

She keeps the truth hidden, but when she joins Class 6B and is paired up with would-be detective, Lori, Max reveals her home life. Nan suspects all is not rosy for Max- ‘I’m not standing in judgement and I certainly don’t blame Max, but a fact’s a fact. She’s not being looked after properly, alone with eyes can see that.

Max goes missing at the same time that the class charity donation box is emptied of its funds. It’s too convenient; the police are convinced Max is the suspect. However, Lori knows differently. She’s become friends with the real Max. More than that, Lori’s determination to become a detective makes her more aware of people, their behaviour, movements and settings. It was Lori who alerted Miss Casey to the empty charity collection in the first place!

Can ‘Lori and Max‘ ensure the truth about Max’s disappearance is revealed, and Max is discovered safe and sound? It’s a big responsibility for two girls with walkie-talkies, a deer stalker and a sweet tooth.

‘Lori and Max‘ is a gripping, original detective story. Bookwagon is delighted to invite our readers to enjoy this début title.


Lori and Max

Catherine O’Flynn

(Firefly Press)

Lori despairs of the new girl, Max. She predicts the negative attention she’ll receive in Class 6B. As ever, Miss Casey is late. Lori adds this to her FBD (frequent brief disappearances) file. Lori wants to be a detective. She has notebooks of information, takes surveillance seriously, and is quick to locate her Nan’s spectacles. Despite her attentiveness and devotion to noted detectives, especially the great Clandestinos, there is nothing serious for Lori to investigate…. until Max.
Max is quick to grasp a situation. She’s had to be. Max has suffered constant moves due to her father’s habits. She puts up a shell. As long as Max has her book and lucky snake charm, she copes.
What happens when ‘Lori and Max’ are put together? Will Max share her home situation? Will Lori trust Max with her secret ambition? What if one of the pair goes missing? Will the other be able to follow the clues to the truth?
‘Lori and Max’ is a captivating, snake-uncoiling, convincing detective debut. Bookwagon is delighted to welcome it aboard.


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