Although it’s a day where it seems best to stay indoors, Grandad has errands to run. These include sorting out his spectacles, visiting the library and then getting some important equipment. It seems there’s going to be a lot of twizzling, turning and building. When he and his grandson arrive at ‘the best sledge ever‘ we are delighted. It means we’re anticipating a new adventure for the pair.

Yet during their busy preparations, we’ve become aware of a dog watching proceedings. Could this be Loopy? After all the dog on the poster that the boy finds, looks rather like him. However, as hard and loudly as Granddad and grandson cry, there is no sign of Loopy. What’s more, the snow is becoming heavier. We’re aware that there are dangers for our intrepid adventurers, who set a course through blizzards, across harsh terrain until….. what is that howling? Could it be Loopy and his friends?

Bookwagon adores Sam Usher’s Seasons’ series. Alongside Free and Wild, Lost is part of a new, animals’ adventure series, in which Grandad and grandson are led to wild, natural territories, of wonder, history and possibility. Again, Sam Usher demonstrates his skills in inference that include so many clues that keen readers will be determined to retrace. What’s more, changes in colour, perspective and detail open our eyes to the magic he creates.

Bookwagon loves Lost and recommends it, and others in this series, and Seasons, highly, to our readers.

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Sam Usher


Although the day is ‘all grey and cold and miserable‘, Grandad insists they go out. After all, he has ‘errands to run‘ that include ‘some important reading‘ alongside ‘important instructions to find‘ and ‘something very important to make‘. Thereafter, with plotting and measuring, twirling and zapping, they arrive at ‘the best sledge ever’! Cool it be that the pair will ‘set off’ to a new adventure maybe like Free or Wild?
Sam Usher offers magic from the seemingly simple. Thereafter, as we watch the pair ‘set off’ through the snow, we anticipate a something unexpected. Yet might it have something to do with Loopy, whom we’ve seen following Grandad and grandson through their errands? It seems he’s Lost. What’s more, the pair are determined to find him- ‘Looooooopy!!‘ Where has he gone? Furthermore, how far will they go to find him? After all, it seems that ‘the wind [has] picked up‘ and ‘snow [is] falling everywhere‘. There appear to be blizzards…
Might a call of the wild encourage the pair toward discovering ‘Loopy with her new friends‘? Could their courage through extreme temperatures reward them with a discovery and then…. cake?
We love the storytelling, alongside the considered, dramatic clues within the backgrounds, perspective and colours employed within these pages. Altogether it makes for such satisfying reading.
Bookwagon loves Lost and recommends this wonderful picture book and others in its series, highly to all our readers.


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