Lost for Words


Dallas feels ‘Lost for Words’. Her life is a vortex. Personal space aboard the boathouse is hard to find. There are so many people, from her brothers and stepsister and stepmother, to her Auntie Jessi. Although Auntie Jessi is sleeping in a tent, nearby, somehow she’s created the biggest chaos.

Then there are Dallas’s friends and their problems- Aiza’s Dad’s new girlfriend and Ruby’s mother’s boyfriend. What is Dallas to do? She feels like exploding!

Somehow, speaking out doesn’t work. She tried that in the class speech and messed it up entirely. Dallas doesn’t feel that books will help. Books and the library have been a ‘no go’ area for her for the past six months or so. The fact that the library is under threat of being closed forever would have inspired Dallas’ mother into action. Not Dallas. Dallas is ‘Lost for Words‘. What could she possibly do about the situation?

I love this book. Finding a story that is about a relatable character in a situation that, although fictional is believable, is such a gift! ‘Lost for Words‘ is a really uplifting, heartwarming story that I recommend highly to Bookwagon readers.


Lost for Words

Aoife Walsh

(Andersen Press)

It’s the summer term. Dallas has only a few weeks of primary school to endure. She and best friends Aiza and Ruby determine to stay out of the way of Libby and her perfect school lunches. Sometimes though, the best intentions don’t always go to plans.
Dallas plans to stay away from the library too. That’s the scene of the most difficult moment of her life. However, something’s drawing Dallas to its doors. It’s not Auntie Jessi who’s arrived from Houston, determined to return with Dallas. It can’t be her brothers, although both are regular library goers for different reasons. Is Dallas able to take on a campaign to save the library from closure, as her mother would have done? Or is Dallas going to continue to live on the sidelines, ‘Lost for Words’? 


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