Lola leads a comfortable life, in a big house with her family.  She has lots of friends and is popular at school.  Her life is about to become unrecognisable however, and so is Lola.

Whereas once her biggest problems were not being allowed to have a mobile phone and arguing with her annoying little brother, now she is struggling to survive, homeless on the harsh streets.  As one disaster follows another, this becomes Lola’s reality.  The threads of her home and family have totally unravelled.

Ele Fountain skilfully tells the story of Lola’s descent into homelessness, while sensitively highlighting the plight of the street children of India.  Can Lola, cut off from everything she has known before, find a way to survive?

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Ele Fountain

(Pushkin Children’s Books)

Lola leads a comfortable life, where her only problems are keeping up with fashion and failing to persuade her Dad to let her have a mobile phone.  She is popular with her friends and doing well at school.  Life for Lola changes completely when her Dad fails to return from work one day and her fortunes begin to spiral downwards.  Further disasters follow and Lola and her little brother Amit find themselves in the scary world of street children.
When Amit goes missing too, Lola must battle to survive on the streets as she searches for Amit.  Can she find out the truth of his disappearance?
’Lost’ is a thrilling, but sensitively handled drama, skilfully highlighting the plight of India’s street children.  Ele Fountain follows up ‘Boy 87’ with another excellent novel, timely and poignant.


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