Lots: the Diversity of Life on Earth


Lots A Diversity of Life on Earth‘ is a wonderful, enticing book of nature. A wealth of intricate pictures and clear factual text, peppered with anecdotal asides offer a glimpse into the living possibilities of our planet.

This title merits a place in every classroom. It is a book to be pored over and shared. The diversity of information and depth of science are essential and so carefully considered. ‘Lots The Diversity of Life on Earth‘ is a book to learn from, experience and treasure.

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Lots: the Diversity of Life on Earth

Nicola Davies and Emily Sutton


Lots: the Diversity of Life on Earth suggests the true scale, might and possibilities of our planet. We examine the potential, variety and wonder within every tiny aspect our living planet. Where will we look? From deep oceans to jungle heights, even beneath scales and feathers? Thereafter, what will we find?
Dr Nicola Davies extends upon her research as in Last: The Story of a White Rhino and thereafter Grow: Secrets of Our DNA to create a definitive and accessible map of living creatures. This resource book is fascinating and informative. Furthermore, anytime that this writer and scientist works with Emily Sutton, we are guaranteed illustrations that guide us toward greater understanding. Lots: the diversity of Life on Earth is a superb title from an impassioned and determined writer. Bookwagon recommends it for home and school.


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