Louisiana’s Way Home


The curse of sundering was put upon the Flying Elefantes when Louisiana’s great grandfather did not reassemble his wife after sawing her in half. Louisiana knows about the curse; her grandmother has told her frequently. Louisiana is hopeful that the pair are settled in Florida. However, she faces a 3:00 a.m. emergency exit over state lines to Georgia. Louisiana is leaving her friends, her cat, and Buddy, the one-eyed dog.

Granny’s teeth, prevarication from the truth, and a predication for manipulating goods and services leave Louisiana in awkward situations. She speaks up for Granny at the dentist, and is encouraged to put her singing and smiling to good use in paying their way.

However, when the chips in the vending machine come down, and Louisiana faces truths she had never known, she is left alone. What is Louisiana to do? Will she prove ‘wily and resilient’ and able to face the situation in which she has been left?

‘Louisiana’s Way Home‘ is outstanding. Readers hear Louisiana’s voice and fears. We urge her forward to a security long sought. The resilient little girl with The Blue Fairy guide deserves more than peanuts and temporary accommodation. Kate DiCamillo told Bookwagon at the Bath Festival that Louisiana had a story to tell. This is this story. We urge you to read it.

‘Louisiana’s Way Home’ is the second of the Three Rancheros, Florida trilogy titles, after Raymie Nightingale before Beverly, Right Here  although this title stands alone.


Louisiana’s Way Home

Kate DiCamillo

(Walker Books)- hardback

‘Louisiana’s Way Home’ opens with Granny awakening Louisiana in the early hours. It seems like this is ‘the day of reckoning’ when Louisiana and her grandmother must leave home immediately. They cross the state line to Georgia, leaving Archie the cat, Buddy the one-eyed dog. Furthermore they farewell Louisiana’s friends- Raymie Nightingale and Beverly Tapinski- Beverly, Right Here.
Although Louisiana is not immediately concerned, what lies ahead is an epic journey, uncertain arrival and unknown truths. It seems like Granny intends for the pair to never return. Furthermore, Granny has other plans. So, what will Louisiana learn? Her head is filled with whimsical half-truths, shadows of flying trapeze artists and possible performances. How can a girl with no sense of truth hope to survive? Who is out there beyond the little Georgia motel room into which Louisiana finds herself? Furthermore where can she get food, for food is a great leveller and a necessity for a girl with barrettes.

By former US National Ambassador of Young People’s Literature

Winner of the Newbery Medal, and Newbery Honor

National Book Award finalist


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