Love from Alfie McPoonst The Best Dog Ever


Izzy receives a letter from dog heaven. It is signed Love from Alfie McPoonst The Best Dog Ever. Yet Izzy is too sad to relinquish Alfie’s dog bed and hear his stories of ‘roly-polies‘ and ‘no baths’ and being able to ‘chew shoes‘. It seems he’s met his ‘dog mother’ in dog heaven too.

Meanwhile, Izzy feels heavy with grief. She is comforted by her mother and father and looks into the whirling sky for signs of her dog. Meanwhile, the letters continue.

Alfie reminds her of the dog fluff that she might find. Is it a sign, something to keep, to share? It seems that Alfie is watching Izzy through ‘a peep hole‘. She cannot be forgotten.

Dawn McNiff’s beautiful story catches our hearts. We ache for Izzy as we watch Alfie McPoonst gambol and relish a life free from pain and restriction. Patrica Metola’s autumnal tones fit perfectly with the tone of the story. Swirling shapes and shadows and twhite, cloud dog heaven scenes offer empathetic glimpses into the feelings of both Izzy and Alfie.

Alfie McPoonst The Best Dog Ever is wonderful. Bookwagon recommends this beautiful picture book to dog heaven and back.

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Love from Alfie McPoonst The Best Dog Ever

Dawn McNiff, illustrated by Patrica Metola


The letter arrives to Izzy as she lies across The Dog Bed. It says Love from Alfie McPoonst The Best Dog Ever and it tells her that Alfie is ‘a sky dog now’ living in ‘Dog Heaven‘. Izzy drags the blanket across the floor, grasping the letter, as Alfie floats from the opposite page watching his girl.
Thereafter, Alfie tells her about all the ‘hundreds of parks, thousands of snacks and a million-trillion dog sweets‘. It seems as though dog heaven is really heavenly for dogs. Across from the letter page we see dogs scampering sniffing, chasing, rolling and romping.
Izzy grieves, meanwhile, snuggled into the sofa, where she was evidently with Alfie once, beneath his portrait, in an empty spaced frame.
Alfie says he ‘watches her through a peep hole‘. He reminds her of some dog fluff. Is it a sign, something to remember Alfie by, something to share with him across the great expanse, pass on in a return letter? Could it be time for Izzy to let Alfie go?
Love from Alfie McPoonst The Best Dog Ever is exceptionally compassionate and knowing. Anyone who has lost a pet, a loved one, felt the ache of separation as in The Longest Strongest Thread hurts with Izzy.
Then again, the way the story is told in letters offers a sequence of grieving. Furthermore, Patrica Metola’s pictures are almost letter like in their shapes and layering, and then their sketched tones and limited colour palette. Altogether this is a superb picture book that Bookwagon recommends and loves.


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