Love that Dog


I have two copies of this book in case I lose one.

Jack doesn’t want to be in Room 105 with Miss Stretchberry doing poetry, ‘because boys don’t do poetry/ girls do.’

Through his poetic narrative diary, we attend this class, as Jack is persuaded to create his own poems, based upon the models about which he is learning. We observe as the blinders about poetry are removed, and how this wonderful writing form allows Jack to unburden and reveal his greatest love, guilt and heartache.

Sharon Creech’s creation is outstanding. It has been republished for successive years, understandably as more children, families and schools have read ‘Love that Dog’ and come to love cherish Jack’s story, and take the boy, and the poetry into their hearts.

We recommend this book to all readers aged from nine years.

(The poems that Jack learns are included at the story’s conclusion, including works by William Carlos Williams, Valerie Worth and William Blake.)


Love that Dog

Sharon Creech


A review on the back cover states that this book ‘defies definition.’ I agree. Dramatic narrative, instructional poetry perhaps? Whatever, it is a title that should be in every household, read by every reader. We love it!


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