Lubna and Pebble


Lubna and Daddy arrive on the beach at night. Pebble is waiting for Lubna. Lubna clutches Pebble tight as she faces a new world. When Lubna draws a smiley face upon Pebble, she begins to tell her about the world she left behind, from her brothers and home, to the war.

While Lubna is cold in the World of Tents, she has Daddy to hold her tightly. However, Pebble is alone, so Daddy and Lubna fashion her a bed with a shoe box. Lubna shows Pebble to Amir, who arrives alone, silent and frightened. Lubna and Amir play hide and seek beneath the stars, yet Lubna’s first allegiance is to Pebble.

However, even in the World of Tents, things might change. There may be a chance to move, even to find a home. What happens then, to Amir? Or even Pebble?

The saturated warm colours and use of eyes and pebble shapes tell stories in themselves. Why does Lubna share her truths with Pebble only? Why is Pebble’s face the only smile we see directly throughout the story? Other than Daddy, Pebble’s is the only face we see fully. Further, Lubna, and then Amir, seek inspiration and hope from above- the sky, the stars, the great ship, even Daddy.

Lubna and Pebble is an outstanding picture book. Wendy Meddour and Daniel Egnéus have created something meaningful, challenging, inspiring and telling.


Lubna and Pebble

Wendy Meddour and Daniel Egnéus


Lubna and Pebble discover each other on the beach. While ‘Daddy’s salty arms‘ keep Lubna safe, she feels safer with Pebble clutched in her hand as she faces the World of Tents. Pebble, with her felt-pen smile, becomes Lubna’s confidante about everything. She tells Pebble ‘About her brothers. About home. About the war.‘ Pebble always listens.
As the seasons change, Daddy keeps Lubna close, while Pebble is ‘found a shoebox and a towel.‘ Though Lubna plays ‘hide and seek under the stars‘ with frightened new arrival Amir, Pebble is still her best friend. Yet  what happens when circumstances change? Might Lubna and Daddy move from the World of Tents? Who will play with Amir? What of Pebble?
Wendy Meddour’s storytelling is poignant and compelling. We love Daniel Egnéus works from Moth to These are Animals. Together these two outstanding storybook makers have created a magnificent, meaningful picture book in Lubna and Pebble.


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