Lucy and the Paper Pirates


Why does the princess have scorch marks on her dress? She’s blaming the emotional dragon who insists he was only trying to keep her warm? Then again, the princess is determined that she was kidnapped against her will by the knight. She’s certain he’s pretty useless and is determined to hurt him. Can Lucy put a stop to it?

It seems that Lucy has a job on her hands! After cutting out ‘characters from comics and her favourite magazines’ with the silver scissors inside the biscuit tin that Grandma gifted her, it seems a riot’s ensued! Tipping the characters out from the biscuit barrel onto her bed, demands Lucy tells their stories and retraces their steps. Without that, the characters are at war!

Therefore, what’s the truth about the princess? Then again, what about the pirates? It seems One-Eyed Jake is on the hunt for a treasure map. When he learns its whereabouts there’s a cacophony! What’s more, when the princess learns from whence the treasure originated, she is livid.

Bookwagon loves Lucy and the Paper Pirates. This is an early chapter book ideal for sharing, building ideas, lingering over and  enjoying Jessica Meserve’s skilled pictures, and then knowing and sharing. We are so pleased that this classic story has been reprised.

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Lucy and the Paper Pirates

Pat Hutchins, illustrated by Jessica Meserve


Pat Hutchins is one of Britain’s most respected children’s writers. Therefore, a reprise of Lucy and the Paper Pirates is a triumph! In fact, the epilogue, from the writer’s children, suggest that Lucy’s character might be inspired by their mother’s habit of cutting ‘out favourite pictures from magazines and her brother’s comics’.
It seems that Lucy’s selection of cut out characters are causing a fuss. It means that when she releases them from their biscuit barrel at bedtimes, they demand to know their stories. What’s more, Lucy’s storytelling determines their happy ending and the resolution to their fighting!
It begins with the princess who seems to have been plucked away from her birthday to have her dress scorched by a dragon. Thereafter, a pirate band wrestle out of the biscuit barrel. It seems they’ve treasure to hunt down, but who has the map? What’s more, who has this treasure been stolen from? Surely not… the King!
Like Princess Minna and the Enchanted Forest, this title is a beautifully formed story from a magnificent writer. What’s more, the twists and turns of traditional storytelling with familiar characters, offers readers real entertainment. Bookwagon loves and recommends Lucy and the Paper Pirates to less experienced chapter book readers.


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