Luna Loves Gardening


There are special additions to Luna Loves Gardening. Not only do we have a story filled with promise and wonder, but we’ve four gardening projects, including creating a mini pond and bug hotel.

Reading Luna Loves Gardening we see that it’s likely that Luna will take up each of these activities. In fact we see her father hang a bug hotel above the community pond. It’s to encourage creatures to visit where they might pollinate the fruits and vegetables toward a productive harvest. Then again, this community garden is a place of sharing and stories. In fact, working here, Dad suggests, is like ‘digging up a world of stories‘.

It begins with Grandad and Nana’s stories of the potatoes that come from the Incas in South America. There are callaloo seeds from Luna’s great-grandmother in Jamaica to swap for other seeds within the community. These include calabash seeds from India, purple carrot seeds from Afghanistan and beetroot seeds from Ukraine. What’s more there’s a story attached with each new variety!

We watch as Dad and Luna plant their ‘special seeds‘ and then as the family and community nurture their gardens. What should they do about predators? Weeds? Plant supports? Then making sure the plants grow healthily?

Luna Loves Gardening is a wealth of wonder, colour, community and positivity. Bookwagon is overjoyed to welcome this beautiful picture book from a beloved series, aboard.

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Luna Loves Gardening

Joseph Coelho and Fiona Lumbers

(Andersen Press)

Luna’s Dad says that being in the garden is ‘like digging up a world of stories‘. It seems she wants him to show her ‘how‘. In preparation, thereafter, they’ve wellies, watering can and special seeds. Thereafter, they head to the community garden where Grandpa and Nana are ‘waiting, knee- deep in mud’.
It seems the stories begin alongside the planting, with tales of ‘potatoes’ that ‘come all the way from South America- grown by the incas’. What’s more they seem to be celebrated by the ‘swallows and swifts in the sky‘ that have ‘swooped in from Africa’. Our thoughts wander to Enzo, the Swallows and Me. Then again, what about the ‘bug hotel’ that Dad seeks to ‘hang above the pond‘ so that ‘the bugs‘ might ‘pollinate everyone’s plants’ to ‘get lots of fruits and vegetables’? Might there be dragonflies from Europe? Furthermore, there are ‘callaloo seeds‘ grown by Luna’s ‘great grandmother- in Jamaica’ that might be swapped for other ‘seeds and more stories‘?
Thereafter we’ve beetroot seeds carried from Ukraine, purple carrot seeds from Afghanistan and calabash seeks from India. It seems each selection inspires a story of origin and history. Then again, what about Luna’s and Dad’s special seeds? Furthermore, what about the arrival of predators like slugs and bugs on the ‘tiny, green and precious- shoots’?
Luna Loves Gardening is a welcome addition to a beloved series from Joseph Coelho and Fiona Lumbers. Once again, we’re immersed in Luna’s world of family, activity and belonging. In addition we’re treated to delicious pictures and such feelings of warmth and community. All in all, Bookwagon is so happy to welcome Luna Loves Gardening aboard.


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