Luna Loves Library Day


It’s Luna’s library day and her father is waiting in the foyer of the library to meet her. Although their reading tastes are different- Luna loves books about bugs, while Dad loves books about magic- they  love books, time to choose and each other. Dad reaffirms his love of Luna through reading her a special ‘mermaid and troll‘ rhyming narrative, that reflects their family. This is a beautiful book, as full of wonder as the library or our relationships.

We recommend ‘Luna Loves Library Day‘ to readers who would value a book that deserves to be savoured, considered, discussed and treasured.

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Luna Loves Library Day

Joseph Coelho, illustrated by Fiona Lumbers

(Andersen Press)

We join Luna on her routine visit to the library. It seems that every visit offers something unexpected, confirming, expansive and wonderful. What’s more, this is a routine visit, one that takes place with Daddy. It means that Luna knows that she is part of something that matters, with somebody who loves her. What’s more, although Daddy is not there with her and Mum all the time, this is a special time for them both. Then again, although Daddy loves books about magic, he reads a book about a mermaid and troll to Luna. It reminds them of their family setting, too. 
Within this first picture book from Joseph Coelho, the writer reminds us of the unifying, uplifting strength of reading. What’s more he pays homage to the role of libraries in our lives. Then again, the spring lit hues of Fiona Lumbers, from Grandpa’s Gift suggest such optimism and hope from our main character. Subsequently, she has moved on, to art and dance. However, in this opening title, we learn of her family, and then her routine, and finally, her devotion to reading. 
Altogether, Luna Loves Library Day is a glorious picture book, a celebration of reading, libraries and love. Bookwagon recommends this beautiful title to our readers. 


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