Is Luna the only life on the Moon? While her father made it into the Earth Return Pod, the meteorite struck the Lunar surface more quickly than expected. Luna finds herself cut off with the Hub damaged and no way, it seems to safety.

The Rover needs fuel and there are some supplies in the Hub. Can Luna use all she knows about the Moon to prepare herself  for a race to survive? She must  explore any avenue there might be toward a way to escape this place. However, she’s on her own entirely.

Will she venture upon places discovered through Moon exploration? Then again, might she discover new areas on the Moon? Furthermore, is there a chance, any chance, that those in the Pod survived?

Lunar is a race against time in space, alongside a superb history of Moon exploration. Bookwagon recommends this dyslexia friendly title to space fascinated readers, particularly

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Chris Bradford, illustrated by Charlotte Grange

(Barrington Stoke)

What do you do if a meteorite has knocked your Moon home off orbit and you are left alone? It seems that Luna’s father’s made it into the EARP (Earth Return Pod) but Luna’s stranded. Then again, it seems the home Hub is damaged, so where is Luna to go and how?
Is it possible that she might drive the damaged Rover across the Moon’s surface, through craters and tunnels? It would mean the vehicle would need some recovery, and then she’d have to prepare provisions. Then again, Luna would have to chart a course across the Moon’s surface, considering all the variables learned through space exploration. After all, just think of Survival in Space– the Apollo 13 mission.
In fact, it seems that remnants of past missions are not only within Luna’s planning but then within her course of discovery as she begins her brave route. Is it possible that she might make her own, new discoveries, places that she might name after herself? Furthermore, is there a chance that she is the only life left on the Moon after the meteroid’s strike?
Lunar is a riveting space centred reading experience that builds upon fact to build and imagine possibilities. Bookwagon recommends Lunar to space fascinated readers particularly!


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