Mac B. Kid Spy Mac Undercover


When the Queen calls with a special mission, you have no choice but to agree. That’s what happens to Mac B., smartest kid in his class (except for handwriting), responsible rabbit hutch cleaner.

Mac takes a long haul flight from California to London. Once arrived, Mac is directed to meet the Queen in the Tower of London. The Crown Jewels have been stolen… or have they? It seems the Coronation Spoon is missing. Why is it so special? How does the spoon connect with the President of France, and thereafter the KGB? Finally, who on earth has stolen Mac’s Game Boy? (He’s a Spy Master champion!)

Award-winning writer and picture book maker Mac Barnett, best known in Britain for titles like Square and Extra Yarn uses his own experience as the background for his new series. The California boy raised alone, in less privileged circumstances during the 1970’s emerges as ‘Mac B. Kid Spy’. ‘Mac Undercover‘ is the first title. As expected, the humour is dry, the story original, quirky and really appealing. Bookwagon is very pleased to recommend ‘Mac B. Kid Spy Mac Undercover’ to our readers, especially those newer to chapter book reading.


Mac B. Kid Spy Mac Undercover

Mac Barnett, illustrated by Mike Lowery


Mac B. lives with his mum in Castro Valley where he has lots of responsibilities, from cleaning out the rabbits to answering the telephone. However, when the Queen calls asking Mac to do her a favour, he’s rather suspicious. Why him? How much will it cost? We learn that Mac is the ‘smartest kid in his class’ with ‘straight As’ except for handwriting (but he’s working on that!)
Mac’s mission is to retrieve the Crown Jewels from the President of France. Yet it seems like the case is not as simple as it seems! ‘Mac B. Kid Spy Undercover‘ must use all his skills beyond his Game Boy Spy Master game to crack the case. The Queen has warned him it’s dangerous. Mac is on his own, also, a kid, with one pair of blue jeans, in a foreign country. What could go wrong?
Mac Barnett is best known in Britain as one half of the award-winning Barnett- Klassen pairing. In North America he’s known for these, and solo works alone and those in collaboration with others like Jory John. Bookwagon is delighted to introduce a new series and venture to our readers. Furthermore, it’s a super subtle, spy caper!


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