Maggot Moon


I felt bruised and beaten after I’d finished ‘Maggot Moon‘. It is one of the best young adult books- in fact one of the best books- that I’ve been fortunate enough to read.

Sally Gardner creates a dystopian world, the Motherland, a frick- fracking hell, in which Standish Treadwell and his Gramps appear to exist- and only just. Hidden behind his mismatched eyes, in the depths of Cellar Street, Standish and Gramps seek more. The appearance of a refugee family, including Hector, Standish’s sole friend and advocate, offer hope and truth. However, the collection of a flattened football threatens to reveal this tiny community, and its biggest secret, one that the Motherland need nobody to know about…..

This award- winning title deserves to become a classic, a title for classrooms, families, and older readers to devour and think upon. ‘Maggot Moon‘ is an unforgettable book.


Maggot Moon

Sally Gardner

(Hot Key)

‘Maggot Moon‘ is 1984 for a new generation. It is raw, powerful and essential. Take a journey to Motherland, where Standish Treadwell and Gramps fight for a survival.

Carnegie Medal and Costa Award Winner


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