Maggot Moon


I felt bruised and beaten after I’d finished ‘Maggot Moon‘. It is one of the best young adult books- in fact one of the best books- that I’ve been fortunate enough to read.

Sally Gardner creates a dystopian world, the Motherland, a frick- fracking hell, in which Standish Treadwell and his Gramps appear to exist- and only just. Hidden behind his mismatched eyes, in the depths of Cellar Street, Standish and Gramps seek more. The appearance of a refugee family, including Hector, Standish’s sole friend and advocate, offer hope and truth. However, the collection of a flattened football threatens to reveal this tiny community, and its biggest secret, one that the Motherland need nobody to know about…..

This award- winning title deserves to become a classic, a title for classrooms, families, and older readers to devour and think upon. ‘Maggot Moon‘ is an unforgettable book.

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Maggot Moon

Sally Gardner

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Maggot Moon is 1984 for a new generation. It is raw, powerful and essential. Take a journey to Motherland, where Standish Treadwell and Gramps fight for a survival. While Gramps maintains some spirit of uprising, there is a feeling that he knows it is futile. Meanwhile Standish has hope, fired by Hector and then the glimpses of something of which the Motherland know nothing. It seems as though there are possibilities, doesn’t there? Furthermore, what do we really need? The Motherland insists that it provides everything, but hope? Love? Optimism? Aren’t these the things that propel and sustain humanity?
We realise the strength of Sally Gardner’s creativity and passion from this outstanding piece of writing that almost screams from the page. Furthermore, we see that same powerful creativity The Wind in the Wall and then her fiction works for newer readers. Yet Maggot Moon is something else; a book that every generation should read. It is a 1984 for young adults. Bookwagon urges you to meet Standish. Thereafter, we suggest that you investigate the television…

Carnegie Medal and Costa Award Winner


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