Maisie Jones and the Dinosaur Bones


No matter the weather, Maisie Jones can be found ‘out hunting for long-buried treasure’. However, the treasure she seeks is neither gold nor jewels, but DINOSAUR BONES!

Maisie’s discoveries are sold in her family’s Old Fossil Shop. They include ‘sharks’ teeth galore’ and ‘insects in amber‘ and ‘trilobites‘. However, Maisie wants more, especially to unearth ‘a vast ichthyosaur’ . Then again, what about ‘a Triceratops horn/ or a spinosaur sail./ A herd of Iguanodons,/ a T-rex’s tail’. 

However, Maisie’s plans are undermined by a visitor to the shop, a Professor, a scientist with mocking eyes. He suggests that Maisie’s ‘just a small child who lives by the sea‘ that he’s the best one to find all the ‘fossils [she’s] missed’. However, is this Professor trustworthy, or might he be seeking to take the treasures and credit for himself?

Alongside a perfectly paced rhyming text full of insight, drama and discovery from Lily Murray, we’ve Jenny Løvlie’s sea swept pictures. These create the different settings so carefully. Then again, this picture book recognises and celebrates the work of Mary Anning in its subject and story. It means that Maisie Jones and the Dinosaur Bones is a fascinating, satisfying and wonderful picture book of discovery. Bookwagon loves and recommends this picture book for reading aloud, alone, knowing and learning from. It is a treasure!

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Maisie Jones and the Dinosaur Bones

Lily Murray and Jenny Løvlie

(Pan Macmillan)

On a blustery beach, with cliffs tall and craggy/ You’ll find Maisie Jones and her scruffy dog, Maggie‘. However, Maisie’s not at the beach for sightseeing or sandcastle building. It seems that her attention is taken by thoughts of uncovering DINOSAUR BONES!
Thereafter, Maisie’s discoveries are taken to sell in ‘the family’s OLDE FOSSIL SHOP‘. They include ‘huge bony fishes’ and ‘giant ammonite shells’. However, Maisie’s dissatisfied by her treasures. In fact, she ‘longs to find more‘ from ‘a Troodon! A raptor! A vast ichthyosaur’ 
Can a visiting stranger with mocking eyes deter Maisie’s ambition? After all, she’s a young girl, while he’s ‘a Professor. A great scientist!’ Then again, it seems that his doubts of our young palaeontologist are because of his own devious intentions!
Bookwagon loves Lily Murray’s and Jenny Løvlie’s picture books. Just think of A Dress With Pockets, for example! Then again, the clever rhyming story sweeps us away, so that we’re engrossed in Maisie’s research. Thereafter, we’re shocked at how she’s deceived. However the underlying story which mirrors the history of Mary Anning
Maisie Jones and the Dinosaur Bones is a clever, engaging, comprehensive and thoroughly enjoyable picture book. In fact, we suggest it’s ideal for reading at home and school, absorbing and quoting, rereading and loving.


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