Major and Mynah


Callie loathes her ‘slugs’ yet without them she cannot hear very well. Then again, it seems that with her hearing aids attached, she’s able to make sense of the mynah bird that follows her about. No longer is it a ‘chirp chirp’ that she hears, but an actual understandable language! Bo, as he’s called, is willing to help Callie, and best friend, Grace, as they seek to investigate their first case for their crime solving agency, SPUD. The ‘super perceptive undercover detectives’ are on the track of the thief who’s stealing bicycles and scooters. Bo has an advantage with his keen eyes and flying skills!

Major and Mynah is the first title in a new series for less experienced chapter book readers, from Karen Owen and Louise Forshaw. Bookwagon loves its ease and pace and sparky narrative. The characters are warm and fresh. Bookwagon recommends Major and Mynah to our readers.

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Major and Mynah

Karen Owen, illustrated by Louise Forshaw

(Firefly Press)

Callie’s formed SPUD (Super Perceptive Undercover Detectives), a crime solving agency, with best friend Grace. It seems items are going missing from around their town, especially bicycles, though Luke’s swimming trunks, too! However the detective agency is sidelined by another issue. It seems Callie’s in need of hearing aids. They make her ears scream with pain as the sounds are so different from what she is used to. Could there be advantage to her ‘slugs’, as she calls them. Might it be that they allow her to understand the strange bird that seems to be following her?
It seems that Bo is a tame mynah bird whose owner has died. Now he’s dependent on finding somebody else to live with and feed him. What’s more, he’s interested in Dad’s prize blueberries…. However, Bo’s also a keen spy, and useful in keeping watch over would be thefts. Therefore, he’s an excellent addition to SPUD.
Karen Owen introduces a new detective story series for less experienced readers with aplomb! Major and Mynah is pacy, clever and endearing. We love Callie’s ambition and initiative. Then again, we love how determinedly she faces her disabilityLike Agent Zaiba Investigates: The Missing Diamonds this is a well plotted, beautifully illustrated  title, that we are proud to present. Major and Mynah is recommended by Bookwagon. 


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