Make Tracks: Farm


There’s a counter for each of the vehicles that you might drive around the farm. When you drive the tractor, you have to climb upon a ladder. There are four big wheels and a light on the top of the cabin. The tractor is used to drive around the farm tracks and over the fields.

`However, the cattle lorry goes to market. This vehicle has a ramp. It has ‘carries animals from place to place‘. Readers can drive around the roads from farms to township with a cattle lorry.

There’s a combine harvester with a cutter and feeder, too, alongside a quad bike with ‘handlebars for steering‘. It’s a fast way for the farmer to ‘move around the farm’.

Bookwagon loves this series. In fact, we admire the sturdiness of the books’ construction alongside it’s direct information. What’s more, the facts are situated within pages that are enticing so that readers take in the context and setting as they steer their way through the pages. We welcome Make Tracks: Farm, aboard.

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Make Tracks: Farm

With 5 counters to drive around the tracks!

Johnny Dyrander

(Nosy Crow)

It seems that the first vehicle we’ll meet is a tractor which has ‘four big wheels with chunky tyres for driving over bumpy ground‘. We’re introduced to Make Tracks: Farm with a detailed illustrations. What’s more, we’re asked to count the number of sheep we can see. Then we begin to ‘drive this tractor around the farm‘. It seems we’ve a counter to drive. Then again, we have to go carefully, because we’ve a ‘packed lunch’ to collect from the farmhouse!
However, we’ve other vehicles to drive, including a combine harvester. What’s more we’re asked to drive this vehicle in ‘straight lines‘ The again, we’ve cows to count along the way. What’s more, this vehicle, like the cattle lorry that follows, has a picture that shows all the different parts. Then again these, like the high- speed train that follows, need special driving! It seems we must slow down at the traffic lights. After all, red means stop! Then again, when we drive the quad bike, we’ve sheep to herd and a sheep dog to manage. We are so busy!
Bookwagon loves this action- packed learning book for very young readers. It is sturdy and beautifully presented and constructed. Thereafter, like Listen to the Things that Go for example, this book is one that demands to be interacted with. Bookwagon believes that Make Tracks: Farm will appeal hugely to our readers. In fact, we think this is a book that will demand constant reading and revisiting. We recommend it highly.


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