Make Tracks: Trains


What colour is a freight train? Do you know what is special about it? Would you like to drive it to the port, stopping to unload the freight with the crane? Then again, what about the high-speed train? It seem that this is ‘very fast and can travel across whole countries very quickly‘. There’s a ‘tool compartment’. Once again, you’re invited to drive the train. This time you have to drive it over the bridge. Be careful around the bend!

There is also a steam train and an underground train. We learn about the differences between each one. What’s more we’ve things to look out for across the pages, and when we drive the trains. There are counters for us to use as steering wheels.

Bookwagon delights in this series and welcomes `Make Tracks: Trains aboard happily! We suggest our youngest readers will love this title, with so much opportunity to explore and interact.

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Make Tracks: Trains

With 5 counters to drive around the tracks!

Johnny Dyrander

(Nosy Crow)

It seems that the first train we meet, travels   ‘using steam, which comes out from the chimney on the top‘. We’re introduced to Make Tracks: Trains, with a detailed illustrations. What’s more, we’re asked to count the number of wheels we can see. Then we begin to ‘drive this stream train around the countryside‘. It seems we’ve a counter to drive. Then again, we have to go carefully, because we’ve a ‘field of cows’ and then people to count along the way!
However, we’ve another train to drive, and this is a freight train. What’s more we’re asked to drive it to the port. We’ve cones to count and must stop to let ‘the crane unload‘! What’s more, this train, like the underground train that follows, has a picture that shows all the different parts. Then again these, like the high- speed train that follows, need special driving! It seems we’ve a bridge to drive over with that train! It means such careful work around the bend!
Bookwagon loves this action- packed learning book for very young readers. It is sturdy and beautifully presented and constructed. Thereafter, like Listen to the Things that Go for example, this book is one that demands to be interacted with. Bookwagon believes that Make Tracks: Trains will appeal hugely to our readers. In fact, we think this is a book that will demand constant reading and revisiting. We recommend it highly.



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