Herbie Lemon has heard the story of ‘Malamander‘ ever since his unexplained arrived at Eerie-on-Sea. It’s rumoured that the half human- half fish creature returns in the depths of winter. The ‘Malamander’ seeks a place to lay its magical egg, which has the power to grant your very dearest wish.

What has the appearance of Violet Parma to do with the malamander? She’s seeking her parents. They’re not in Herbie’s Lost and Found office in the basement of the Grand Nautilus Hotel. Yet, there is treasure of all kinds. Herbie loves being a Lost and Founder. Lady Kraken chose him especially. He can trace recoveries and items through years. He knows all the stories about Eerie-on-Sea too, from the wreck of the Leviathan, to the unexplained powers of the Eerie Book Dispensary mermonkey.

‘Malamander’ is a riveting mystery. I love Herbie’s initiative and pluck. Thomas Taylor creates a truly enchanting setting that can be imagined vividly.  ‘Malamander’ is a highly recommended choice for readers who enjoy mysteries, fantasy and thrillers.



Thomas Taylor

(Walker Books)

Who has slipped through the window into Herbie Lemon’s ‘Lost and Found’ cell at the Grand Nautilus Hotel? Furthermore, why is she in hiding? Then, who is the looming boat hook man in her pursuit? How does this strange interlude link to the legend of Malamander? Herbie Lemon is a lost and founder and takes his job seriously. Therefore when Violet Parma appears seeking the story behind her parents’ disappearance, it seems as though he’s compromised. However, he’s curious, and thereafter, employed to be the ‘eyes and ears’ of the town by the mysterious owner of the Grand Nautilus Hotel.
Eerie- on-Sea is a different seaside town in winter. You can hear the creak of the wreck of the Leviathan. Mrs Fossil shore scavenges. There’s a story that the Malamander returns to lay its magical sea egg. Take care Herbie Lemon! Furthermore, watch out… for there’s a Gargantis to follow!

Stockton Children’s Book of the Year winner


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