Maps of the United Kingdom


Maps of the United Kingdom‘ offers a definitive geographical explanation of our nation. It opens by separating  individual countries to explore histories, physical and social geography in detail. Thereafter, each county is expanded upon. We learn of historical places, visitor attractions, landmarks, cities, places of note, famous people and characters. Every area is described anecdotally and factually. Livi Gosling’s clear, pencil fresh, images illuminate the information.

On each reading of ‘Maps of the United Kingdom‘ I have learned something new. It makes  me want to explore further, and realise anew the history, places and potential of the United Kingdom.

‘Maps of the United Kingdom‘ is essential to every home and classroom. It is a title I suggest children and adults (including Mr Bookwagon, geographer) will over for hours. Rachel Dixon and Livi Gosling have created a necessary, beautiful book.

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Maps of the United Kingdom

Rachel Dixon, illustrated by Livi Gosling

(Wide Eyed)– hardback

Rachel Dixon and Livi Gosling have created a definitive guide in ‘Maps of the United Kingdom.’ Each county and area of our nation is divided and explored in fine detail. What are the notable landmarks? The major cities? Who are the historic figures or famous faces from these areas? Where might we visit? What are the attractions? ‘Maps of the United Kingdom‘ is a fascinating, comprehensive guide.


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