Martha Maps It Out In Time


In Martha Maps It Out In Time, we join in with Martha’s enthusiasm for drawing maps.  Finding a tiny fossil on a day out with her family at the beach is the spark for Martha’s imaginative leap into history. She creates maps of the timeline of our earth’s creation.  Let Martha be your guide as she welcomes you to our world.  Starting with the Big Bang and the initiation of the universe, we zoom in page by page, to key phases in the history of the planet, taking in the age of the dinosaurs and the Ice Age.  We never stray far from Martha’s family and the beach however and imagine a world of her dreams, of a future where anything might be possible.

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Martha Maps It Out In Time

Leigh Hodgkinson

(Oxford University Press)

Martha is an enthusiastic map maker.  She loves to draw maps of her local area as well as of the world.  In Martha Maps It Out In Time she gives us her unique take on exploring time.  She starts in the present with a day on the beach with her family.  She finds a fossil in the beach.  This sparks Martha’s imagination and she draws maps showing everything from the Big Bang, through the dinosaur age right up to the present and then on into the future!
As well as being a very entertaining map maker, Martha is also the most engaging of guides. Her commentary is lively and humorous.  Each page is full of quirky facts and figures, all brimming with her childlike charm and collage-inspired illustrations.  Of course, the maps are stuffed-full of curious facts and figures.
Leigh Hodgkinson’s creation is totally charming, very funny and hugely inspiring.  Everyone enjoys maps in books – this one is full of them and also stimulates a better understanding of the concept of time, and the incredible history of our universe. Complex ideas are presented in a wholly accessible way and geography and history are brought to effervescent life.


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