Martin Brown’s Lesser Spotted Animals 2


‘Martin Brown’s Lesser Spotted Animals 2’ is an absorbing read. The celebrated picture book writer/ illustrator presents a further, twenty-one, less well-known, frequently endangered creatures. We read of their status, threat, diet and lifestyle. Each animal’s features are explained, from barnacled teeth, to tangled sleeping ball.

The detail and humour intrinsic in Martin Brown’s signature pictures heighten the appeal and impact of his information. Selfie remarks between a forest buffalo and red river hog, for example, entice us to read and absorb the information. Reading ‘Martin Brown’s Lesser Spotted Animals 2′  highlights how quickly and conclusively humans are encroaching on other lives across the planet.

Bookwagon recommends both titles hugely to readers. These are ‘forever’ books to inspire, amuse and inform. There is such evident care, effort and intention. The ‘Lesser Spotted Animals’ duo are ‘forever’ choices.

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IMartin Brown’s Lesser Spotted Animals 2

(David Fickling Books)

 ‘Martin Brown’s Lesser Spotted Animals 2’, is the welcome sequel to the award-winning Martin Brown’s Lesser Spotted Animals‘. The writer includes absorbing information about each of the selected twenty- one animals alongside detailed illustrations and amusing anecdotes, e.g., how a ribbon seal perfects a sliding walk. Diet, status and habitat map feature.
Although ‘Martin Brown’s Lesser Spotted Animals 2′ features endangered creatures, the writer entertains and informs.


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