Martin Brown’s Lesser Spotted Animals


I had heard of the Numbat, but not the Cuban Solenadon. I had not heard of the Zebra Duiker or the Zorilla. Martin Brown presents a selection of ‘lesser spotted animals’, i.e., animals that are less well known to us. He presents each selection across a double page that includes a selfie picture, speech bubbles, bullet point information and anecdotal asides. While the information is direct and well researched, the structure of its presentation makes it more approachable, appealing, and, at times, hard hitting.

Lesser Spotted Animals‘ has been included in many international notable book lists of the past twelve months. There is a suggestion of the need for a sequel.This is an eminently readable and interesting book, that we recommend to Bookwagon readers.

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Martin Brown’s Lesser Spotted Animals

(The Brilliant Beasts You Never Knew You Needed to Know About)

(David Fickling Books)

Have you heard of a Gaur, an Hirola, a Banded Linsang? Neither had I! Yet, these ‘lesser spotted animals’ are some of the rare and special creatures included in this approachable, amusing and informative book about which we should know! Martin Brown’s double pages of information include anecdotes, bullet point facts and cartoon-style portraits. It is a pleasure to introduce ‘Lesser Spotted Animals‘ to Bookwagon readers.

UKLA longlist selection

North Somerset Teachers’ Book Award


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