Marv and the Dino Attack


Marvin notices that Eva is on her own during the class visit to the Natural History Museum. However he and Joe are an ideal pairing, with the same interest in robotics, and then dinosaurs. Therefore, to be at this site, with its wealth of fossils, makes Marvin feel like popping!

What’s more Marvin needs to keep his superhero sidekick, Pixel, calm.That’s until Rex appears! It seems he’s a super villain whose powers have brought the fossils back to life! What’s more, he plans to release them into the world!

Can superhero Marv outwit Rex? Is it possible that through his strategies and quick planning he can recapture the dinosaurs and return them to fossils? Then again, what about capturing Rex?

Bookwagon loves the themes, imagination and adventure of this series. Marv and the Dino Attack is a really satisfying, exciting and clever story, ideal for chapter book readers building stamina and confidence.

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Marv and the Dino Attack

Alex Falase-Koya and Paula Bowles

(Oxford University Press)

‘Where there is a super villain, there must be a superhero‘. It seems that Marvin knows just where to find one, in Marv and the Dino Attack.
When Marvin and Joe are part of a class visit to the Natural History Museum, they are electric with excitement. However, it’s not too long into their visit, when super villain Rex appears. Thankfully, Marvin’s prepared, and steps aside to don his suit, powered through ‘kindness and imagination‘. Thankfully, in his superhero guise, Marvin is able to reassure the worried visitors to the museum. However, what actions are needed to outwit a villain who’s brought all the fossils to life?
Then again, what are Rex’s actions? What does he intend to do with the T-Rex, pterodactyls and velociraptors in his power? Can he overwhelm Marv’s strategies and skills?
Bookwagon loves this series of chapter books that are perfect for readers growing in confidence and stamina. Other titles, such as Marv and the Pool of Peril demonstrate all the our hero learns about his super heroic skills, and then his relationship with Pixel, his sidekick. Bookwagon suggests that this Dino Attack adventure will be a very satisfying read for our readers!


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