Marv and the Humongous Hamster


Marvin’s overjoyed to be looking after the class hamster for the school holiday. He’s determined to prove Jasper wrong and to take the best care of Nibbles. It means that he sneaks Nibbles into his jumper when he, Grandad, Joe and Eva head out to the corner shop, stopping to play at the park.

However it seems Dr Boom’s there, armed with a special blaster ray. What’s more, when he aims it at Pixel, Marvin’s superhero sidekick, Marvin jumps into the path. It means hidden Nibbles takes the blast and is blown into a Humongous Hamster! It’s time for Marvin to become.. superhero Marv.

This is no easy task, however, for Dr Boom is determined to supersize other pets and has a head start on Marv. It means that Dr Boom’s headed for the pet shop! What about Nibbles?

Bookwagon loves this series. Not only is it quick, engaging and really imaginative, but with characters whom we like, and fast, fantastic adventure too! We’re very happy to welcome Marv and the Humongous Hamster aboard.

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Marv and the Humongous Hamster

Alex Falase-Koya, pictures by Paula Bowles


Marvin’s never had a pet, largely because Grandad’s not keen on small furry things. However, he’s certain that he can care for Nibbles, the class pet, despite Jasper’s doubts. It means that when he heads out to the park with Grandad, Joe and Eva, he hides Marvin beneath his jumper. After all, Nibbles is his responsibility, isn’t he? However the park’s not free from super villains, with a surprise attack from Dr Boom!
It seems Dr Boom’s armed with a special blaster ray and it’s directed straight at Nibbles! Suddenly, there’s a case for Marv and the Humongous Hamster. Can our secret superhero stop Dr Boom from blowing up other pets to super sizes? Then again, what will Supermarv do about enormous Nibbles, deep within the greengrocer’s?
Alex Falase-Koya and Paula Bowles offer such a readable, engaging series with the Marvin superhero stories. Just think of  Pool of Peril or Mega Robot. We are so happy to welcome a brand new title aboard. However we do wonder how long it will be before Joe works out the truth about his best friend! Let’s step up the climbing frame to Marv and the Humongous Hamster! 


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