Marv and the Killer Plants


Marvin throws himself into the project to build an idea for the school garden. His research leads him and Grandad to visit the botanic garden, where he immerses himself in the hothouse, even tickling the Venus flytraps, much to Pixel’s concern! However, Marvin’s not happy to discover Eva’s also visiting the botanic gardens. In fact, he’s suspicious, and suspicions grow when her designs are successful.

Despite Grandad’s thoughtful words about the situation, Marvin absents himself from helping start the garden project at school. However everything changes when it seems the garden and gardeners are under attack. It’s arch villain, dreadful Violet Vine! Not only is she twisting and turning thick, sinuous plant vines through the project and school, but she’s overturning Marvin’s classmates and even the Headteacher. It seems that this is a case for Marv and Pixel. Are they up for it? Even with allergies? Violet Vine’s a tricky opponent and Marv and Pixel will need to use each one of their gadgets and skills to overwhelm her!

Bookwagon loves this series and is delighted to welcome a new title aboard. Marv and the Killer Plants is a rip roaring adventure!

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Marv and the Killer Plants

Alex Falase- Koya, pictures by Paula Bowles


Marvin and Grandad visit the botanic gardens for Marvin to build ideas for his school garden project. It seems he’s fascinated y the hothouse plants, especially the Venus flytrap amongst the Killer Plants. How ‘cool would it be- if [Marvin’s] school had a version of this hothouse with Venus flytraps in it’, Marvin considers. However his hopes fall when he discovers Eva’s at the botanic gardens. Then again, when it seems she’s successful in the project, Marvin feels he’s been cheated.
Then again, what about the superhero? While Marvin and Pixel hide from the start of the school gardening project, there’s an attack from super villain Violet Vine. Not only does she consider the designs for the garden boring, but she’s determined to cover the children’s school with her own twisting, twirling, thick and tenuous plants. What can our secret superhero do? We’ve seen him in action with the Blizzard Zone. However, we’re quickly aware that Violet Vine is a ‘dreadful supervillain’ and Marv has his work cut out.
Bookwagon loves this series. Not only is it really accessible and enjoyable but there are issues at its heart, such as competitions, with which every reader is familiar. Then again, who doesn’t love a pulsating superhero chapter book? Bookwagon recommends Marv and the Killer Plants highly.


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