Marv and the Mega Robot


While Joe is downhearted about the problems afflicting the small robot he and Marvin have created for the school Science Fair, Marvin tries to encourage his friend. However the sneers of the other exhibitors rankle with him. Grandad tells Marvin that being a superhero, such as Marvin and Joe investigate through Joe’s comics, is ‘being a good friend’ and having a ‘big heart’. What’s more, when Marvin is steered to explore Grandad’s attic, he discovers something unexpected…. Why would Grandad have a blue superhero suit stored away? Then again, what does the inscribed ‘M’ on the suit mean? Then, who is Pixel, the robotic sidekick who comes to life suddenly when Marvin’s tempted to try on the superhero suit?

It seems that Marvin has met his calling! Suddenly he is Super Marv.

What’s more, on the day of the Science Fair, there’s a problem. A Mastermind entrant has created a huge Mega Robot that threatens to break up al the exhibitions and overwhelm the event! It calls for a superhero…. It seems it’s Marv and the Mega Robot! 

Alex Falase- Koya and Paula Bowles have created such an exciting, yet endearing story! Alongside the excitement and values, there are great graphics, monotone aside from the blue, super heroic touches.

Bookwagon loves and recommends Marv and the Mega Robot.

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Marv and the Mega Robot

Alex Falase- Koya, pictures by Paula Bowles

(Oxford University Press)

Marvin and Joe are entering a small robot in the school Science Fair. However there are problems and Joe’s losing confidence. Marvin does his best to rally his friend. Thereafter, as they eat lunch they browse through Joe’s collection of superhero comics. Where are superheroes when you need them?
It seems there’s a secret in Marvin’s grandfather’s attic. Why would he have a superhero suit inscribed with a giant ‘M’? Then again, when Marvin tries it on, not only does it seem to shrink to fit him, but there’s another surprise! It seems there’s a small robotic assistant attached to Marvin superhero, who is delighted to be reunited with a super heroic leader!
Thereafter, it isn’t long until Marvin springs to life. It seems there’s a Mastermind at the Science Fair determined to overwhelm all the exhibitors with a huge robotic device! What’s more, this exhibitor is mean spirited. It seems it’s time for Marv and the Mega Robot! 
Alex Falase- Koya’s introductory statement about representative superheroes chimes clearly. Thereafter, he’s created a character with impressive values and good instincts, rather like Tiger Warrior. Then again, the illustrations from Paula Bowles are dramatic and expressive in their monotone, blue lit composition. Bookwagon recommends Marv and the Mega Robot to all newly confident chapter book readers.


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