Marv and the Pool of Peril


Marvin cannot tell his best friend, Joe, that his choice of birthday party fills Marv with Panic. Wave World is full of ‘big pools, small pools, round pools, and rectangular pools. Hot bubbly pools and icy, freezing cold pools’. Then again, there are ‘quick river rapids‘ that rush around and a ‘high- tech pool creating giant waves’. Marv feels the Panic building inside him, despite Grandad’s words of comfort and experience.

Therefore, how will Marvin react when it seems that Wave World has been attacked by Hydro? It seems the giant sharks that lurk in the pool create complete chaos! Might Marv’s superhero costume and Pixel sidekick help him kick the Panic? It will take every bit of careful planning and connection of confidence? Then again, what if Hydro dares Marv to…. the Doom Flume? It seems she guesses at his overriding fears. Yet might Marv be made of steelier stuff?

Bookwagon loves Alex Falase- Koya’s stirring superhero adventures with Marv, a magnificent choice for newer chapter book readers who seek a wise, encouraging, funny character with whom to lose themselves. Marv and the Pool of Peril, with Paula Bowles’ expressive illustrations anew, is a great choice for readers growing in confidence and experience.

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Marv and the Pool of Peril

Written by Alex Falase- Koya, pictures by Paula Bowles

(Oxford University Press)

It seems that Marvin’s Grandad was once a champion diver. He explains, how he was petrified at the thought of diving. Thereafter, he ‘trained [for] a week with a friend before [he]- felt comfortable getting on that huge diving board’. However, Marvin doesn’t have a week to ‘feel comfortable’. It’s Joe’s birthday and he’s expected to take to the ‘big pools, small pools, round pools, and rectangular pools. Hot bubbly pools and icy, freezing cold pools‘ like a duck to… How can he not show his fear to his best friend, especially at that friend’s birthday celebration?
Then again, what if there’s a sudden emergency that requires Marvin to suddenly take on Hydro and her jetpacks and super sharks? Alex Falase- Koya extends Marv’s super heroic adventures with the whipper smart, brave and encouraging Marv and the Pool of Peril. Will Marvin find his nerve? Can he find his inner superhero that he might overwhelm Hydro’s sharks that seek to drown out Pixel’s words, build upon the Panic and then lead him to the Doom Flume?
Bookwagon loves Marv’s adventure in the Pool of Peril. It picks up where the opening title, Marv and the Mega Robot began, building upon this series’ quota empathy, courage and real adventure too!


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