Marvellous Margot


Oscar’s house is on the other side of the busy, busy, busy city. It means that Margot must travel across and around with her little red wagon, over the bumpy roads. It means that she might encounter friends along the way too. Thereafter, what if her friends are distressed?

For example, Leonard is upset about his haircut. He considers that it’s too short. Can Margot make him feel better? What’s more, would a slice of cake help? Then again, what about Sasha and Sami? Their bike chain has fallen off? Is it possible that Margot can help them replace it? Furthermore what about a slice of cake for each of them? Will cake and kindness help Milly, Molly and May? However, what will Oscar be presented with when Margot arrives, finally?

Bookwagon adores the purpose, journey and character of Marvellous Margot. The interactions and actions are fascinating and delightful. Then again, Lou Peacock’s storytelling brings readers in so that it all matters; we’re delighted! Then again, the spring- infused pictures of Ingela P Arrhenius are Bake Off beautiful.

Bookwagon loves and recommends Marvellous Margot for bedtime reading, knowing well, sharing and reading alone, too. It’s destined to become a firm favourite!

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Marvellous Margot

A Story About Kindness and Cake

Lou Peacock and Ingela Arrhenius

(Nosy Crow)

Marvellous Margot has baked a cake for Oscar, for Oscar loves cake and Margot’s keen to share. However, it’s a ‘busy, busy, busy’ day in the Big City. What’s more, delivering the cake to Oscar, means Margot’s journeying to ‘the other side of the city’ with her ‘little red wagon’.
Then again, it seems she will be stopped along the way. At first, there’s Leonard, who’s upset at this haircut. Although he fears it’s too short, Margot’s reassurance and a slice of cake make him feel better. Thereafter, what about Sasha and Sami and their bike chain? Furthermore, what about Milly, Molly and May? It seems that there’s no more ice cream left! Will a slice of cake and Margot’s kindness make them feel better?
Lou Peacock presents such a charming picture book of community, kindness, sharing and journeys with Marvellous Margot. Rather like Polly Faber’s Kitsy Bitsy’s Noisy Neighbours, there’s a fluency to the storytelling. Then again, as with that picture book, the Spring coloured pictures, are inviting and rich. Ingela Arrhenius has created characters and landmarks with which we feel familiar and welcome.
Bookwagon loves this picture book. We imagine it becoming a firm favourite at bedtime reading and then to explore alone, too.


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