Mary Had a Little Lamb


‘Mary Had a Little Lamb’ alongside an ORANGE tiger, a PINK hippo and a PURPLE mouse! Where are the animals going? Why does Mary have a map? Why are they following her!

Award-winning picture book maker Jarvis has recreated the traditional rhyme so that it is an amusing, rhyming story, complete with colours and numbers. Each new animal entrant’s colour is expanded to be included on a nursery style, crayoned backdrop. Every new animal makes sounds upon its arrival, e.g., GREEN crocodile- ‘Snap! Snap! Snap!’ 

There is rich opportunity for joining in, recitation, rhyming, singing and recall. ‘Mary Had a Little Lamb‘ is a title destined to be pulled from the reading shelf or basket time and time again and reread by younger children. It’s one to be sung at bedtime, with rhyme to linger upon and encourage prediction and recall.

Jarvis’s bold colours are captivating. I love his child-friendly, seemingly simple, but look- rich pictures.

‘Mary Had a Little Lamb’ is a splendid innovation, a welcome addition to the nursery bookshelf. We welcome it aboard Bookwagon. 


Mary Had a Little Lamb

Let’s learn our colours!


(Walker Books)– board book

‘Mary Had a Little Lamb’/ its fleece was white as snow. Baaa!/ An orange tiger followed them…. ‘ Who is following Mary? Furthermore, where is Mary going? Colourful, action-packed animals, including a dancing PINK hippo? Sounds to sing along to? Mary’s map? It becomes every more curious!
Bookwagon favourite picture book maker Jarvis, creator of Alan’s Big Scary Teeth and Mrs Mole, I’m Home! turns his wildly original creative eye to traditional early years verse. ‘Mary Had a Little Lamb‘ includes colours, rhymes, numbers, sounds amidst a hugely enjoyable narrative. I love the way he’s employed seemingly crayon drawing backgrounds in the nominated colour. Alongside this, Jarvis encourages a page turning sequence through the onward movement of his characters.
‘Mary Had a Little Lamb’ was never like this, and furthermore it was never as necessary or enjoyable!


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