Mary in London


In the bear pit of Berne zoo, Mary Plain is restless. She insists upon leading English lessons with her Aunt Friska and the twins- ‘God Save the Queen’- and playing sick, and daring to stay out all night. When she learns the Owl Man is off to London, Mary Plain is determined to join him. We know that when Mary Plain wants anything, especially when it’s sugar coated, she usually gets her way!

In London, there are further adventures, from negotiating a zebra crossing, to traversing Richmond Park, to participating in model boat racing on the pond. There are new friends to make, new words to learn, new parades in which to march, and a whole audience with whom to share the wonder of Mary Plain- ‘Hip, hip, hoo-Mary! Hip, hip, hoo- Plain!’ We recommend this lively book, this appealing character bear-y much, especially to readers aged from 7 or so years.


Mary in London

A Mary Plain Adventure

Gwynedd Rae, illustrated by Clara Vulliamy

(Egmont)- hardback

‘Gracious Heaven!’ said the Owl Man, standing stock still and staring at Mary as if he couldn’t believe his eyes.  ‘Ive come,’ said Mary, beaming all over.

And so she has, to London. Join Mary Plain’s adventures- intentional and unintentional- and love this wonderful little bear complete with white rosette and gold medal with a picture upon it,  all over again. Recommended to readers aged from 6 or 7, and much, much older.


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