Mason Mooney Paranormal Investigator


Paranormal Investigator Mason Mooney is the world’s greatest detective of ghostly things.  He will undoubtedly tell you himself!  Join Mason as he tackles ghosts, witches and grumpy teenagers to prove once and for all who the REAL talent in the world of paranormal creatures.

If anyone can solve the mystery of what’s going on in Grimbrook’s most haunted house – it’s Mason. And no one else – certainly not the Society of Peculiar Paranormal Phenomena, led by heartthrob and TV personality Trent Reilly.  With an evil curse looming over Mason and the house’s inhabitants, can Mason finally solve the mystery and in so doing prove that he’s the best around.  Or is Mason simply a bit out of his depth?

This is a highly enjoyable graphic novel romp, packed with zany characters and a spooky, ghoulish plot.  Above all it’s great fun!

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Mason Mooney Paranormal Investigator

Seaerra Miller

(Flying Eye Books)

Readers will know from the introduction to Mason Mooney Paranormal Investigator, that this is a witty, spooky tale.  “What you are about to read is a tale so twisted, it’ll knock you out of your socks and on to your bum”  Mason is a strange character.  He is conceited and quite literally heartless (he carries it around with him in a glass jar).  Don’t worry – there is a full explanation!

In this scary, funny romp there is a haunted house, Z-list celebrities and plenty of ghouls and spectres.  Moreover, there are enough to satisfy even the biggest fan of the supernatural.  This is a rollercoaster romp of a supernatural adventure.  Mason struggles to overcome sceptics, witches, ghosts and grumps as he attempts to uncover the secrets of Grimbrook’s most haunted house. After he has received a letter hinting at the ghostly and grim goings on at the old house, his pride ego cannot resist taking on the case.  Furthermore, he must solve the case before it attracts the attention of his greatest rival. The Society of Peculiar Paranormal Phenomena, led by heartthrob and vacuous TV personality Trent Reilly are, in the opinion of Mason, huge frauds.  Mason is going to prove his point.

This is one of many excellent graphic novels available in the Bookwagon on-line bookstore.  Raina Telgemeier’s Ghosts is another must have for fans of ghostly tales.

Author and illustrator Seaerra Miller’s web site is well worth a visit for lots of art tips and resources.


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